Day 20 to 40: Meeting of Creditors - also called the 341(a) Meeting


Once you file your bankruptcy petition, the court will mail you and any creditors a notice entitled, “Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, Deadlines.” This notice informs your creditors of the bankruptcy case, provides information about various court deadlines, and contains the date, time, and location of the Meeting of Creditors. You are required to attend this meeting.

The Meeting of Creditors is not a court hearing, but rather a chance for the Chapter 7 Trustee overseeing your bankruptcy case, as well as any creditors who wish to attend, to ask you questions regarding your financial affairs and property. Although there will be no judge present during the Meeting of Creditors, you will be under oath as you answer questions regarding your financial situation.

Video - Bankruptcy Basics: 5. Creditor's Meeting

When visiting the court make sure to follow the Entrance Requirements to ensure you arrive to your meeting on time. Below are some things to keep in mind when visiting the court:


The Meeting of Creditors takes place within 20 to 40 days after you file your petition.